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access credit score free

If you’ve been looking towards getting a mortgage any time recently you’ve more than likely heard the advice about ensuring that your credit score is a true reflection of your circumstances.

It shouldn’t be the case that you should only check if you’re wanting to get a mortgage, it’s advisable to check as it could affect getting any form of credit in the future.

There are 3 main Credit Agencies that companies use when they are looking to make decisions on whether or not to lend to an individual. These are;

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • CallCredit

Many credit agencies will charge you a monthly fee for using their service to keep a check on your credit score and records. Most at around £15 per month however you can write to a Credit Reference Agency requesting a copy of your credit report for £2.00.

Your credit report will usually show;

  • A list of all your credit and bank accounts, loan agreements with with utility companies etc
  • Details of people that are financially linked to you
  • Your current account provider and any overdraft you may have
  • Whether you’re on the Electoral Register
  • Name and Date of Birth
  • Your current address and previous addresses
  • If you’ve committed fraud or someone has stolen your identity
  • Whether you have an CCJ, house repossessions or bankruptcies – 6 years after they occur

Your credit report doesn’t carry other personal information such as your salary, religion or any criminal record.

CallCredit (under the brand name Noddle) and ClearScore (based on Equifax data) offer free access to your credit report for life therefore it may be worth just applying for this rather than paying for a statutory report.

It may be worth obtaining your credit report from all three credit reference agencies if you’ve not applied for it before or if you’ve not checked it for some time. Different credit reference agencies may have credit information from different lenders although there is quite a lot of overlap between them.

Experian have just announced that they are also going to offer their service free of charge to individuals. As part of their new online ‘Creditmatcher’ service it will provide you with their credit score. For those who want to go further and apply for new credit – be it a card, loan or mortgage – Creditmatcher will come up with the best deals from across the market based on how ‘eligible’ it thinks you are.

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