Estate Agents

Are you an Estate Agent or even letting agent in the Derby or Nottingham area? Maybe you have a bank of current customers with a property portfolio that you mnage? Maybe you are looking for an additional revenue stream for your estate agent?


Then team up with Simply Financial Advice!

We offer a wide range of options to help you and your estate agency, including helping your customers with mortgages and protection. We offer “Whole of market” options and are totally independent.

We can build in a fee or commission for your business and for any referral business you pass on to Simply Financial Advice.

We can even see clients in your offices!

Of course we have customers looking for properties, coming to us first to find out how much they can borrow to buy a house, so there is a possibility that you can get business from Simply Financial Advice Ltd.

We also have customers looking at investing in Buy-to-Let properties and need some help and advice in where to buy and where not to! It so worth getting in touch if you are in the housing business


Contacting Simply Financial Advice

You can contact the team on 01332 223888 or email us at for more information

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