Simply Financial Advice in Derby can help you provide your clients with financial advice in the Derby, Nottingham and Leicester area. We already work with a number of Solicitors firms, providing a service that compliments what you already do.

Simply provide professional financial advice service based on the ethos that our advisers are providing the advice as though it was their own parents. So you know that the advice given is the best advice possible for your clients.

We know how important it is to look after existing clients as well as new, and our focus is to balance this to ensure all clients regularly review their financial situation to ensure that their finances meet their objectives and goals.

When we take on a new client, our aim is to work with them for the rest of their lives, from cradle to death. Then hopefully our relationship continues with their children and grandchildren, which it generally does. We pride ourselves on the Simply rule of, we only give advice to our clients, that we would give to our own parents.

At every stage of the financial advice process, we can keep you informed of your clients and provide you with updates, where the client gives consent. We suggest to our clients that they include their Solicitors as a trustee on any trusts established with Simply Financial Advice. This can mean that you have more on-going contact with your clients, building your relationship over time.

Simply’s advisers are highly qualified and well supported by our network company, who have regular contact with all of our clients.

In return for your referrals, we can arrange a fee to be paid to you but we also actively promote legal work to our customers, in particular conveyancing and trusts, so future remuneration is possible via our bank of existing clients and referral work.


Target Clients

Unlike many other financial advisers, we do not have a particular type of customer, whilst we are in business, high net worth customers are not our overall goal.

However, if you do pass over high net worth customers, usually customers who have over £100,000 to invest, which is either already invested in pensions, ISA’s and/or deposit accounts) or have an estate worth £500,000 (£1 million for couples). Then we have already proven in past cases that the return we make for our clients, far outweighs the fee that Simply Financial Advice charges.

We suggest setting up a joint meeting between the three parties, to discuss options. Then it is down to your customer to decide whether or not to take up our services. Any future meetings with the client can be joint, or just between ourselves and your clients.


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