Could You Pay Your Mortgage if You Were Sick?

The Difference Between Good and Bad Debt

We all take for granted getting up each morning and plodding off to the office, maybe lacking a little enthusiasm yet not appreciating how fit and well we are. But what if you weren’t suddenly fit and well? What if you couldn’t work for the foreseeable future?

Most of us have mortgages to repay each month as well as covering the household bills that come owning a home however, if suddenly you had a loss of income, where would that leave you with keeping your roof over your head?

If you have an Emergency Fund in place then it’s a good start, this may cover your expenses for a few months and take the pressure off but what happens if that fund becomes depleted and you’re still not well enough to go back to work? How long does your employer’s sick pay cover your absence for? Do you have a spouse that could meet 100% of the monthly outgoings you require?

These maybe questions that most of us don’t want to think about but should the time arise, it is better to be prepared and have a safety net in place than add to the worry should you become unwell long-term. We can talk to you about all your protection requirements, and if you’re looking to remortgage what better time to assess your circumstances?

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