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With all the recent press about the newly introduced Pension Reform Rules 2015, it’s been hard to get away from thinking about pensions. Unless, you’re one of those not thinking about pensions because it’s something you’ll get around to one day..

With less than half the population saving anything towards retirement or having any form of pension provision at all, it really is something that pays to get started with sooner rather than later. Ok, we admit, it’s not the most exciting of subjects but it can be made simple if you get the right advice and guidance, then once you’re up and running, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

In the current tax year (2015/16), the Government’s basic state pension for a single person is £115.95 per week. Ask yourself if you had just reached state retirement age, and you had no other pension provision, could you live on just £115.95 per week? If the answer to the question is ‘No’, then maybe it’s time you looked at saving towards your retirement.

So, if you have no pension at all and would like to get started, or you have some pension provision that you haven’t looked at in a while and would like to go through with an Adviser, or you simply want to ensure you’re on the right track after contributing to a pension for some time already, why not get in touch..


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