Protection Products

Protection Products

Many people don’t think about the prospect of what would happen should they be unable to work or become seriously ill. Safeguarding your income and your wealth is vitally important in protecting you and your family’s income and lifestyle.

Should you become seriously ill or unable to work due to long term sickness, having some protection in place can remove much financial burden and let you concentrate on becoming well again.

Protecting your family in the event of your death is another circumstance that can be addressed with the right protection policy. Whether it be to cover funeral costs, or provide a lump sum or regular income to your family to assist with living costs after your death we can help address the need.

There is protection available to cover the events below and much more;

– Death

– Long Term Sickness

– Critical or Serious Illness

– Mortgage Cover

– Funeral Cover

– Business Cover including key persons and Directors

Do you have the right protection in place? Want to review your protection policies to see if they still meet your requirements? Or do you have no protection in place at all and want to consider putting something in place for loved one? We can help.


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