Onshore/Offshore Bonds

Onshore/Offshore Bonds

Investment bonds have a unique position in tax legislation within the UK allowing tax deferral which is beneficial particularly to higher rate tax payers.

They are also classed as non-income producing assets because the income arising from the underlying funds is re-invested to increase the overall return. However, investors can withdraw up to 5% of the original invested capital each year without a tax charge.

There is also the opportunity to effect a bond through offshore life companies that are established in territories where income and capital gains from within the bond are not taxed locally. This is known as gross roll up. Put simply, gains realised through the offshore bond are more tax advantageous than the UK equivalent. However tax will be paid on the proceeds when funds are realised at the respective UK tax rate of the bond holder.

Offshore bonds tend to have more diverse investment opportunities and lower charging structures.

The tax treatment of these investments depends on the individuals circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.


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