Whole of Life Cover


There are 2 main types of life cover;

1. Term Insurance – this is the most common and is often used in connection to mortgages. It pays out a regular income or a lump sum should you die during the term of the policy.

2. Whole of Life Assurance – designed to pay out a sum of money to a person’s family or estate upon the death of the life insured.

Here we will focus on Whole of Life cover.

Whole of Life Cover

  • A whole of life plan can be paid monthly, annually or as a one off lump sum
  • There are different types of Whole of Life cover with investment elements, the 2 main types are unit-linked and with-profits
  • You can add extra options to a Whole of Life plan including cover for serious illness, options to increase your cover as your needs change or cover against becoming disabled.

A Whole of Life plan is designed to pay out a lump sum to the deceased’s estate upon death no matter when that is. This type of policy is most commonly taken out to cover funeral costs, to provide a lump sum for loved ones or to cover an Inheritance Tax bill.

Usually a minimum payment on death is specified at outset however unit-linked whole of life policies can be anything over and above as this depends on the value of the unitised funds you are invested in, or the bonus payments received if it is a with-profits policy.

It is possible to surrender the policy however, doing so may mean that you may not get back as much as you have invested into the plan. There may also be penalties/charges to discontinue the plan so you should consider your options carefully. Once the plan has been terminated, it cannot be reinstated. A new Whole of Life plan would have to be set up should you decide you want cover again in the future. It is also highly likely that the premiums be more expensive in the future.

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